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Get Well Gift Basket, All Natural Care Package

Get Well Gift Basket, All Natural Care Package

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We cannot always control what happens to us. But while we are going through our ailments, we can try to get away from the moment and encourage mindfulness and overall wellness.
This exquisite gift set will help to bring delight and calm to a hectic day.
Speedy recovery of wishes arrives with this ultimate get-well gift.
Get well basket includes:
❀ Ceramic cup
❀ Scented Candle
❀ Eucalyptus Shower Steamer 
❀ Mint Shower Steamer
❀ Mint Bath Bomb
❀ Eucalyptus Bath Bomb
❀ Eucalyptus Soap
❀ Eucalyptus Salt – Big
❀ Tea Bags
❀ Lemon Cookies
❀ Soap Saver 
❀ Mist
❀ Gray Towel
❀ Door hang tag
❀ Gorgeous box. 

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